nostalgic, romantic, elemental, & wild — my flowers & I

nostalgic, romantic, elemental, & wild — my flowers & I


My flowers are grown among vegetables in my garden on a small scale using crop diversification and rotation practices. I use organic compost and fish emulsion fertilizer and never use toxic chemicals or pesticides. It is important to me to improve the soil of my garden while I enjoy the lush beauty it provides.

Spring 2018, the sunny area behind our house was entirely empty — only grass grew. That year, we built six Square Foot Garden boxes directly on top of the grass and began growing vegetables and flowers. By the end of summer, I had received multiple offers to buy my garden flowers, so that fall, I offered a subscription to the flowers grown in my 2019 garden. Five bouquets, one per month, of seasonal flowers cut at their peak of beauty, just like the bouquets I would cut for myself, but delivered to a subscriber’s home. This idea sold out quickly for my first year, the garden has tripled in size, and 2020 subscriptions will be available soon.


Watercolor florals are, for me, the product of my quest to live slowly and simply and to create beauty.

Painting is my time to unwind. I set a space with comforting things: fresh flowers, my candles, tea or wine, music or silence.

I paint on handmade paper because the texture and inconsistency proves a human hand was involved in the making process.

I choose to make my own watercolor paints from natural earth pigments. The process energizes and inspires me and the quality and depth of color enlivens my art.


I spend my days with the ones I love & the ones who love me. Married to a kind, encouraging man for 10 years who adores our two children more than anything. Our children are young, 2 and 4, so our daily life spins around them at the center of everything, but there is no one I would rather spin with than him.


When I see an old sepia portrait of a man with a pencil mustache or a woman with lace wrapping her hair, I can’t help but replace the stoic face with the man who just handed me my bagels at Panera bread or maybe the woman in the car beside me at a stop light — to think of them as human and real as they were. I like to imagine their daily life past, how they spent their minutes.

Sometimes, like when I watch my children play on the first warm spring day or catch my husband’s eye & smile in a crowded room, I feel nostalgic for the moment I am experiencing.

I am obsessed with the process of growth, the experiences of childhood to the becoming of who a person is meant to be, and the transformation of seed to plant to seed again.

I am intrigued by time, the moments that make up a life, and, with intention and perspective, how beautiful life can be.

It is this intense interest in time and beauty that, I think, inspires the way I choose to live. The past is untouchable, but my present actions create the future.

If my time is my most valuable possession, I want to spend my time creating kindness & beauty for a future world. I want to improve & restore the earth, not use & destroy it. I like to listen to children (they are our future) and view life through their eyes.

Knowing these thoughts about me then, it will not surprise you that I fill my days with my art, making paint with pigments supplied by nature, repurposing discarded vintage objects into useful tools, cultivating a luscious garden, and preparing & enjoying long, slow meals with people I love.