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No. 3


This floral art is created with:

shimmering handmade watercolor paints made by rivervale watercolors and also watercolor paints handmade by myself

on 8.5” x 11” handmade paper

by artist, Kaila Jackson

Each work of original art is signed on the front and dated on the back.

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Watercolor florals are, for me, the product of my quest to live slowly and simply and to create beauty.

Painting is my time to unwind. I set a space with comforting things: fresh flowers, my candles, tea or wine, music or silence.

I paint on handmade paper because the texture and inconsistency proves a human hand was involved in the making process.

I choose handmade paints because an artisan thoughtfully & carefully created them and that excites me.

Flowers? They are the pretty little things I would doodle in journals and the sides of notebooks and one of my greatest loves.

That I have an online shop filled with floral paintings created with handmade paints on handmade paper is merely the outcome of choosing to sit, relax, create, love, enjoy... and share.

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